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Zikaron Holocaust Commemoration is a registered 501c3 status pending.

Zikaron = Remember

Our Mission

We commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. Every day. At the places where they



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At Zikaron, we commemorate the innocent victims of the Holocaust. Every day. At the places where they lived.

The Nazis stripped away the victims’ dignity, robbed them of their precious lives, and turned them into a series of sheer endless numbers.

At Zikaron, we tell the victims’ stories and tell of their fates. We thus restore the remembrance of them and their dignity. We return the victims to our minds and hearts and souls.

We are on the ground in Germany and elsewhere where the Holocaust was perpetrated.

Through two commemorative projects

  • The Stolpersteine – “stumbling stones” – are sidewalk-level brass plaques. Each tells the story of a victim of the Holocaust. Stolpersteine are placed in front of the victims’ homes. There are now nearly 100,000 Stolpersteine in 1,800 cities in 28 countries. The Stolpersteine are thus the world’s project of Holocaust commemoration.
  • Faces for the Names brings the victims back – by projecting their photos on the buildings in which they lived and were persecuted.

At Zikaron, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that every single victim will be remembered—and that the lessons of their fates — what hatred, antisemitism, homophobia, and discrimination lead to — will be learned.

In addition to the Stolpersteine and Faces for the Names, Zikaron Holocaust Commemoration focuses on education.  We reach out to the young – with hands-on commemoration and with talks. We stage events that bring together communities and families from around the world. We speak about the Holocaust and its victims and on Judaism at schools, universities, and elsewhere.

Your donations will enable us to pursue and develop our uniquely personal and on-site approach to commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust.

Your help ensures that these innocent victims of the Holocaust will never be forgotten – and that it will never happen again.

Please donate. No gift is too small. And please spread the word about Zikaron Holocaust Commemoration and its projects through your networks, organizations and the social media.

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Our work

The Stolpersteine - the world's project of Holocaust commemoration.

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What We Do

We commemorate the victims where they lived. Using their names, their faces and their stories. We thus bring commemoration to daily life in Europe – and to everybody living there.

Zikaron – “remembrance” in Hebrew – participates in the world’s two main projects of individualized commemoration of Holocaust victims: the Stolpersteine and Faces for the Names.

Zikaron raises awareness of the Holocaust and its lessons for today’s world. Zikaron’s team speaks on the Holocaust and Judaism in schools, youth centers, concentration camps and inter-faith gatherings in Europe and in Israel.


The Stolpersteine. The world‘s project of Holocaust commemoration.

Faces for the Names. Bringing the victims back.


100,000 of these sidewalk-level golden plaques – each for a victim of the Holocaust – in 1,600 cities in 26 countries in Europe. Exhibited in Yad Vashem and other centers of Holocaust remembrance.

Commended by the governments of Israel and Germany, by the World Jewish Congress, by Combat Anti-Semitism and by many other Jewish and commemorative institutions


Projecting photos of the victims of the Shoah on to the buildings in which they lived and suffered. A new way to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. Created by the Munich-based

Jews Engaged With Society e.V. – Zikaron’s partner in Europe.
Seeing is commemorating – and understanding what we lost and what we have to protect.



Zikaron’s activities enable hands-on and eyes-on encounters with the Holocaust and its victims:
Attending placements of Stolpersteine and reading aloud their biographies.
Cleaning Stolpersteine on Reichpogromsnacht (November 9th) and on other annual dates of commemoration.
Attending Faces for the Names and participating in “Kippa Parties” and other bridge-building events.

Conducting research into victims’ lives.


L’davor va dor. From generation to generation. Zikaron’s team ensures that the victims of the Shoah are not forgotten – and that its lessons are learned.
By reaching out to and speaking at schools, youth centers and inter-faith gatherings. Via our European arm J.E.W.S. Jews Engaged With Society e.V.

Featured Project

Faces for the names. Bringing the victims back.



Terry Swartzberg

Chair and Executive Director

Ethical campaigner. Head of the Stolpersteine in Munich, speaker on the movement in Europe, Israel and the USA; originator of Faces for the Names. Born in New York. Honored by the German government for his “civic courage” – for Terry’s wearing of a kippa in public since December 1, 2012. Descendant of family of Holocaust victims – murdered on October 27, 1941 in Slutsk (now Belarus).

Sandy Swartzberg


Sandy is a highly-respected, Milwaukee-based attorney His areas of expertise include M & A, start-ups and estate planning. He is often called upon to speak on these subjects.

Carollyne Hutter


Carollyne is a Maryland-based environmental editor and a children’s book author.


Zikaron Holocaust Commemoration

European office

Terry Swartzberg
Ruhestr. 3
D-81541 Munich, Germany
+49 170 473 3572

Registered address
7125 North Green Tree Court, River Hills WI 53217

Bank account

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Account number: 4684393463

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