The Kippa Experiment

I am celebrating today an important anniversary.

Six years of wearing a kippa wherever life took me in Germany and in Europe in general.

On December 1, 2012, I donned a kippa and went out to prove to myself and my fellow Jews that we are safe in Germany, and that anti-Semites are not waiting to harass or manhandle us the moment that they realize that a Jew in their midst.

My scorecard:

2191 days of wearing a kippa

88 kippot worn

237 cities, towns and villages visited in 12 countries

0 negative incidents

Lots of fun and moving experiences

Dozens of TV reports, of videos and articles in major newspapers

major honor – by the government of Germany – for my “civic courage”

1 book written about it:

Next up for the “kippa experiment”: I am heading for secondary and vocational schools, to find out what their students – many of whom immigrants and many Muslim – think and feel about Judaism and the Holocaust.

Key reports and articles on the “Kippa Experiment”

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