Media telling the stories of the Holocaust

Bringing them back!

The Jews from Munich killed on November 25, 1941.

On November 25, 1941, 1000 Jews from Munich were murdered in Kaunas, a small city in Lithuania.

On November 25, 2022, young persons from Munich performed and showed the raps, poems and videos they created to bring these people back to life.

Faces for the Names

We remember Lisi Block! A young writer from Bavaria who was murdered by the Nazis – along with her family – in 1942.

Bring them back

Moving video by Niclas, 17 years old. Dedicated to the Munich Jews killed at Kaunas, Lithuania on November 25, 1941.

Name on the Stolperstein

A video for Anne Frank and the other women who fought to survive and defeat the Nazis. Women commemorated with Stolpersteine. Song: “Name on the Stolperstein”.

Yom HaShoa 2023 in Munich

“Yom HaShoa 2023 in Munich” – moving video created by Hussein, 23 years old and refugee from Syria. For the Jews from Munich who were killed by the Nazis – and who are commemorated by Stolpersteine.

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