Zikaron Holocaust Commemoration: commemorative ceremonies in November

Commemoration where the victims of the Holocaust lived.

Commemoration using their names, faces and stories to bring each of them back to our eyes and  minds and hearts and souls.

Dear friends,

November brings two of the most painful and important moments in the history of the Holocaust.

Zikaron will be holding moving ceremonies of commemoration for both of them.

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Reichspogromnacht – “Kristallnacht” – the night of November 9, 1938: the Nazis unleash a wave of terror, killing thousands of Jews, burning down and ransacking hundreds of synagogues and stores.

Reichspogromnacht: the beginning of the main wave of the Holocaust.

November 25, 1941: 997Jews from Munich are murdered in Kaunas, Lithuania – along with 22,000 other German Jews.

With your generous support, Zikaron Holocaust Commemoration will be staging – via our European partner J.E.W.S. Jews Engaged with Society:

Faces for the Names: Reichspogromnacht in Munich

November 9 at 5 pm Central European time – with online coverage

The faces and the names are of the victims of Reichspogromnacht in Munich.

Hauntingly evocative photos of the victims and their ransacked homes and stores will be projected upon the school that many of their children attended before being persecuted and murdered.

Faces for the Names: Commemoration of the Kaunas victims

Munich, November 25 at 5 pm Central European time – with online coverage

The faces and the names are of 997 Jews.

Projected on to the Residenz palace – located at the heart of Munich – will be heartbreaking photos – of their being herded on November 20, 1941 on to trucks and trains for deportation to Lithuania, where they were murdered four days later.

Told via photos and readings will be the tragic story of the loving Koppel family.

Carl and Carola Koppel lived in Munich and had six children. At the beginning of the war, Carl managed to get visas for America for himself and two of their sons. He then tried to get Carola and their other four children out of Nazi Germany.

And failed.

For the next two years, the couple managed to exchange heart-wrenching letters of love and hope – until Carola and the four small children were sent to Kaunas to their deaths.

These letters will be read by Carl and Carola’s grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Stolpersteine in Munich for the Kohn family

Munich, November 25 at 3 pm Central European time – with online broadcast

The placing of Stolpersteine for Olga and Heinrich Kohn and for their children Elisabeth and Marie-Luise.

Olga, Elisabeth and Marie-Luise were murdered in Kaunas. Heinrich committed suicide to avoid this.

We will pray Kaddish for them, and we will present their tragic stories.

Please help us set forth our work of commemoration!

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Terry Swartzberg

Chair, Zikaron Holocaust Commemoration

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