Ayala Lev Mendelsohn: Guardian of the memory of Ernestine Grünzeug

Ernestine Grünzeug was one of Munich’s best-loved designers of clothes. Many of these were sold at her family’s store. Ernestine was born in 1898 in Munich. On April 4, 1942, Ernestine, her mother Eva, her sister Bella and many other Jews were deported to Piaski, a ghetto in Poland, where they were murdered.
Ernestine, Eva, Bella and four other members of the Grünzeug family will be commemorated in early April by the placing of Stolpersteine in Munich for them.
Baruch dayan ha’emet.

Guardian of the memory of Ernestine is our dear friend Ayala Lev Mendelson. Seven members of her family are commemorated with Stolpersteine in Munich. Shown in the above photo are Ayala, her sister Ilana and her cousins Tirza and Emmi at the placement of these Stolpersteine.
Toda raba Ayala!

To become a Guardian of the Memory of a victim of the Holocaust:
To find out more: Terry Swartzberg shalom@holocaustcommemoration.com
(+49-170) 473 35 72

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