Zikaron Holocaust Commemoration in autumn: new and powerful ways of Holocaust commemoration

New and powerful ways of Holocaust commemoration:

September 10th. 7 pm. Munich.

Holocaust survivors, their family members and young persons – all marching across Königsplatz – where Hitler staged his rallies – to the buildings where he and the Nazis once ruled and planned the Holocaust. And projecting on these buildings, the photos of the victims and of the people who dared to fight the Nazis in Munich. The members of Germany’s heroic resistance.

October 13th 6 pm. Nordhausen

Survivors of the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp, where thousands were worked to their deaths, will be joined by their families and friends and Nordhausen’s young in staging the first Faces for the Names at a death camp. 

November 9th, Reichspogromnacht. Munich

Hundreds of people will march from Stadelheim prison, where the Nazis killed 1200 members of the Resistance and others, into the cemetery where these heroic people and concentration camp victims are buried – 4,000 at one mass grave. We will be projecting their photos and chanting the messages created by the young. We will conclude with a Faces for the Names on the crematorium in the cemetery.

November Munich

The placement of 40 Stolpersteine. For 40 victims of the Nazis. 40 Stolpersteine = 40 people rescued from the oblivion of being forgotten. 40 Stolpersteine = 40 reminders – to everyone passing by – of what Antisemitism, hate, discrimination and racism lead to.

All throughout the year: working with our interns – most of them from the Montessori High School – to turn their creativity and commitment into raps, poems, videos, images and performances telling the stories of the Holocaust in ways compelling to the young.

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