Stolpersteine challenge!

Hi I’m Elisabeth. I’m 15 years old, in the ninth grade at a high school in Munich. And I am doing an internship at the Stolpersteine in Munich.

That’s me in the front of the photo. With me are the other interns — Leopold, Lukas, Ian and Eduardo.

We decided to challenge ourselves to clean as many Stolpersteine as possible – and to learn about the victims in the process. We call it “Cleaning to commemorate”.

Watch this space. Lots of photos to come.

During our cleaning trip (Thierschstraße 26):

Reitmorstraße 53:

Widenmayerstraße 16:

Thierschstraße 25:

Thierschstraße 26:

Zeppelinstraße 16:

Franziskanerstraße 7:

Franziskanerstraße 41:

Entenbachstraße 45:

Von-der-Tann-Straße 7:

Zeppelinstraße 16:

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